A Guide to Creating The Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is at the heart of every home. It’s where you cook, eat and entertain, a place where family and friends meet and spend time together. A kitchen should be a special place, a space that people can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

When it comes to creating the perfect kitchen, there are countless options and designs which can sometimes be overwhelming. From the first steps: Planning and setting a budget to adding the finishing touches, this kitchen guide will help you to consider some often forgotten steps and take action, ensuring your dream kitchen is an achievable reality.

1. Planning

The planning of a new kitchen is a significant project, one that often includes big ideas and sometimes bold decisions, so you must ensure you do plenty of research along the way. Firstly, decide on what you like and dislike about your existing kitchen, listing all the things you want to change and reach a decision on how you want to change them. Use websites like Houzz, Pinterest and magazines like: Homes and Garden to help you create a scrap book of inspiration of kitchen designs, colours and styles which you admire.

Visit a kitchen showroom and view different finishes in person, get a professional opinion on what would and wouldn’t work in your living space. Good planning will make the project run smoother and ultimately prevent delays.

Tip: Does your new kitchen design include further development to your property? Check beforehand and learn whether you need planning permission. This will save you potentially costly changes.

2. Deciding on a Budget

Your budget will often dictate your ideas, so remember to be realistic as the cost of your renovation won’t just be spent on units, appliances and labour. Decide on how much you have to spend and work with a kitchen specialist to plan how you will spend the budget and see what can be achieved. While style and price are significant, it’s also key you choose a kitchen designer who understands your needs, someone you feel you can trust and is able to deliver to budget.

3. Style & Design features

The style of kitchen you choose will relate to your taste, space and level of expendature. The main benefits of choosing a truly bespoke kitchen is that you will have a tailor-made creation, made to a specification and design for you. Another added benefit is the ability to be creative, utilise space and make your kitchen a more functional area that meets the living demands of you and your family.

When thinking of style, you should focus on colour, finish and material. If you’re seeking to create a modern kitchen, then you will want to pick natural tones such as white and grey. However these work well with most styles and provide a good base which can be easily accelerated and accessorised. Light colours make a room feel clean and light. Warm it up with a contrasting stone worktop.

The three most popular kitchen styles are: modern, contemporary and traditional. Finishes include: matt, high-gloss or natural. These finishes can be paired with a range of colours and materials to create and emphasise your style and level of creativity. When choosing colours, consider the type of lighting that you will be installing. Colours have a tendency of looking different in certain lights.

Tip: Choose neutral colours for the walls, be creative with your cabinets and worktops. Create a stand out feature.

4. Storage & Appliances

Every kitchen has storage cabinets, but design and size will determine the extent. There are many types of kitchen storage options available and you should assess these in detail. Kitchen storage options include: cabinets, pantry, kitchen islands, units, shelves and other bespoke freestanding kitchen storage. How about a drinks cabinet to home your collection of fine wines?

When it comes to choosing kitchen appliances, bare in mind the style and size of the space, design and theme of your kitchen, as you want to ensure everything fits and flows.

Tip: Don’t compromise on quality. Invest in well manufactured appliances that will last.

Final words: When deciding on a new kitchen, ensure you plan, budget and research properly. It’s not all your responsibility though, so make sure you pick a good designer. Get it right and you’ll end up with a kitchen that you and your family have been dreaming of, making cooking, eating and entertaining more enjoyable, social and fun.

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